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SIS OPEN ERP 8.0 – Free ERP Software license

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SIS OPEN ERP 8.0 is the general enterprise management software system designed by SIS Vietnam. This software has developed based on the modern technology & success implementation experiences of many large projects. It allows to connect internal the enterprise operation united, central & science. It replaces the separate solutions of the enterprise & digitizes the operations such as: purchase & sales management, finance & account management, human resource & salary management, production management etc.
When SIS OPEN ERP 8.0 applies in the enterprise, it will have enough information for management at any where, any place and any time. It is a sure of suitable management of the enterprise resources. SIS OPEN ERP 8.0 allows the enterprise modernization, standardization processes and high professional of each employee, each department, each branch or the enterprise – general the enterprise.
SIS OPEN ERP 8.0 general management system has designed by business modules same with functional departments of the enterprise such as sales, purchase, order, payable, receivable, production etc. it has shown as processes (diagram) related closely with each others. With the forms and vouchers designed more openly it can be customized suitable with management requirement. Or with the big changes in management, customer can co-operate with SIS Vietnam for customization.
For applying SIS OPEN ERP 8.0 in the enterprise successfully, it requests the co-operation between SIS Vietnam and customer from site survey, business process standardization to design and customize stages as well as training. To implement the working processes it needs standard, ready staffs and especially the high determination of the enterprise leaders.

With all the above advantages, but SIS OPEN ERP 2016 is a software solution 100% FREE COPYRIGHT FOR ALL NEED TO USED. This is the only ERP software and the first in Vietnam to implement this method.
– SIS business towards a Software is Service – S.I.S (Software Is Service) under the inevitable trend of the world.
– SIS is the pioneering company in software copyright donation accounting, tax (> 06 years, SAS INNOVA OPEN), continue to donate this software genernal solution management Enterprise – ERP in accordance with previous commitments Community, the long-awaited meeting of the Enterprise.
– SIS performed as the service (for a fee) related to ERP software such as enterprise needs: Training and customisation according to the particularities of the businesses, Warranty – Maintenance products. Particularly SIS software copyright is 100% Free.

+ Enterprise used officially Software & perfectly legitimate versions of software like other fee
+ Enterprise can create copyright (company name) on the website of S.I.S Vietnam.
+ Unlimited usage time
+ Unlimited recording or any public function

SIS OPEN ERP 2016 – English
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