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3. Giải thưởng sao khuê 2005

Giới thiệu công ty SIS Việt Nam bản tiếng Anh

13 Tháng Sáu, 2018 3029 0 0

  • Finance Investment & finance consultancy
  • Real estate broker
  • Goods and services import/export
  • Software design and development;
  • Consultancy, design, implementation, setup services as well as supporting for IT and telecommunication system.
  • Meintenance, warranty services and setup for electricity, telecommucation and ICT equipments.
  • Training and technology transfer;
  • Branding and advertisment services through IT software
  • Buying and selling equipment, industrial material, agriculture, construction, transportation, office equipments & machine, school equipments, family goods (only doing business when have enough conditions);
  • Buying agents, selling agents, goods on consignments./.
  • download About – SISVN – download

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